Camp Big Or Go Home


Initial Prototype


Comes to life

I got wind of a knife I have wished for since 2006 was being drawn up. A Camp style knife by GEC! One more checked off the list. I had a friend, David Gentry, knowtracks, get in touch with Charlie Campagna, the designer of this knife and many more. Fate has it that knowtracks was attending a knife show in Oregon and Charlie was going to have 4 of the Northfield Texas Camp Knives in Burnt Orange Jigged bone scales with him. I said if he had one left to grab it. Well he did more than grab. Dave or  Charlie one bought/gave me one. The knife community has to be the most caring and compassionate world wide family there is.

Everybody in America, and many people elsewhere, have heard of Texas-sized items, referring of course to the biggest state in the continuous United States. This large folder is intended for extended camping and wilderness living. It is based on ~100 year old Camp knives made by, among others, Utica, Remington and New York cutleries.

Mark side

Mark side

Pile side

Pile side


A special touch from Charlie


Hand full!

Oh I almost forgot to mention specs.

  • Full size clip point
  • Secondary sheepfoot
  • Forged punch
  • Can opener / bottle opener

~4.85″ closed

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