Damascus Duo

A few months ago I was talking about sheaths with Dave. A 45 degree ,cross draw pancake for my custom S-1 I think . I didn’t know at the time but Dave and Jesse were conspiring about getting me something cool of my own and Jesse said Hell give him these and so it began. Jesse sent them to Dave at https://www.facebook.com/dmathewsleather/?pnref=lhc . and he made some fantastic pants with rare earth magnets. At this time I’m not sure of any of the sheath specifications. I just know that they’re perfect for these knives.

About the knives. Jesse Hemphill is a wonderful man. His heart is bigger than his huge blacksmith arms. Along with doing kind deeds like making this set for me he spends his time in third world countries helping/showing them how to live better lives.

On to the knives. They’re made from 300+ layers of 1095 and L6 steel and the mixture really pops. Both have beautiful Walnut handles with brass guards and pommels. The combination turned out beautiful.

The first knife is the smaller of the two. It comes in with an overall length of 10″ with a blade of 6″ and 4″ handle and blade thickness of 4mm.


EDC Seaxe


Reverse Side


Handle and Damascus match show well.


Hanging out with Big Brother.

The larger knife is from the same billet so they are truly brothers and this is one is one you don’t mess with. With it’s 10″ blade and 5″ handle I believe it has the heft and edge geometry to remove some Franc’s head.

Large Seaxe

Large Seaxe


Obverse of Large Seaxe

Dave's logo.

Dave’s logo.

With all the joking around I have to be serious a moment. Dave and Jesse are two fine men and if they wanted to something cool they succeeded. They also sent me heirlooms and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Contact info

Dave Matthews Leather

Jesse Hemphill

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  1. mike grimes

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 6:44 am

    I have several of jesse’s knives. I cannot say enough good about he and his work. Prize possessions.

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